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 October 1-5, 2012 Mid-Semester Exam

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October 1-5, 2012  Mid-Semester Exam Empty
PostSubject: October 1-5, 2012 Mid-Semester Exam   October 1-5, 2012  Mid-Semester Exam EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 4:14 pm

Please see reviewer

Study your handouts, practice worksheets, assessments and notes.


• Use correct capitalization and punctuation in writing.

• Use Passive Voice and Active Voice in sentences appropriate to the topic and context.

• Use the correct verb form following the rules on subject-verb agreement.

• Use all conditionals in sentences appropriate to the topic and context.
• Contrast the use of all conditionals in sentences appropriate to the topic and context.

• Use given words in sentences based on type of sentence structure and parts of speech

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
• Read and understand some texts
• Answer questions with proper writing conventions and in complete sentences.
• Choose the most appropriate meaning as used in the given selection.

Narrative Writing
• Use Active-Passive Voice.
• Use Connectives and proper subject-verb agreement
• Use various types of sentence structure.
• Use correct tenses and writing rules.

• Writing Rubric: IGCSE-2006 RUBRIC 0510 Paper 2
• Review your notes, all worksheets, handouts, and quizzes returned to you by your Subject Teacher.
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October 1-5, 2012 Mid-Semester Exam
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