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 Recommended books to read

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Ms. Marliz
Ms. Marliz

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Recommended books to read Empty
PostSubject: Recommended books to read   Recommended books to read EmptySat Sep 12, 2009 5:42 pm

Recommended books to read Clip_image001

When the
War Came Home (NZ)

Sarah Ell
It is November 1918. Thirteen year old Jimmy Kavanagh is a messenger boy for
an Auckland Shipping Company. World War One has recently ended and Jimmy's
Uncle Rory, a returned soldier, is living with the family. The excitement of
the Armistice celebrations is somewhat overshadowed by the rapidly spreading
flu epidemic.
When Jimmy's aunt and uncle in Te Kuiti are affected by the flu, Jimmy's
mother and younger siblings leave Auckland
to help run the farm. Jimmy remains in Auckland
with his decidedly odd Uncle - a man who has been affected psychologically by
his war experiences.
An authentic read with believable characters which charts a significant time
in our local history.

Recommended books to read Clip_image002


Morris Gleitzman
Jamal loves soccer and fantasises playing for Manchester United. But Jamal's
soccer games are not played on a well cared for soccer ground, they are
played in the ruined lands of Afghanistan
amidst wrecked tanks and the threat of unexploded mines.
When Jamal's mother's secret school is discovered by the authorities the
family has to flee.
The family's journey to freedom is perilous and gruelling. Finally they
arrive, they believe, in Australia,
but on Government orders they have been taken to a Pacific Island.
A thought provoking, humorous novel about the plight of many refugees.

Recommended books to read Clip_image003

to Tangiwai (NZ)

David Hill
Thirteen year old Peter Cotterill begins a diary on January 1st 1953 - not
because he particularly wants to but because his Great-Aunt Ethel gave the
diary to him for his birthday, and he knows his mum will keep a check on
whether he is keeping it or not.
It is a big year for Peter - the start of High School, his first girlfriend,
planning and preparing for the national Scout Jamboree at the end of the
year. It was a big year for New Zealand - Hillary and Tenzing conquered
Everest and the young Queen Elizabeth and her husband toured the country for
most of the summer (1953-1954)
On December 24th Peter and his scouting mates boarded the steam train heading
for Jamboree. Four days later he and many others are lying injured in the
Waiouru military hospital after a fatal train crash caused by a lahar from Mt
Ruapehu's crater lake buried the railway tracks.
Includes historical notes and photos from the period.
This is the first title in the New Zealand 'My Story' series.

Recommended books to read Clip_image004

How to
Train Your Parents

Pete Johnson
Corgi Yearling
Twelve year old Louis is none too impressed when the family has to move to
London because of his father's new job and he is sent to a posh new school
that is incredibly swotty. What is he to do ? - he is an average kid now in a
school where grades are everything and his mother has removed his beloved
telly from his bedroom.
Enter Maddy. Maddy's parents used to be as obsessive about her homework as
Louis' parents but now she has them trained!
A humorous, light hearted novel about a boy wanting his freedom and finding
out a few things about his own abilities along the way.

Recommended books to read Clip_image005

The Giver
Lois Lowry
December is looming and Jonas is waiting, somewhat apprehensively, about the
forthcoming 'Ceremony of Twelve'.
It is the future - there is no war, no hunger, no pain. People live in
carefully controlled and regimented communities. All their behaviours are
dictated by certain ages. At the 'Ceremony of Twelve' young people are
assigned their adult jobs, their childhood is officially over and they begin
their intense training.
Jonas waits nervously with the other Elevens, only to be missed by the Chief
Elder - what could he possibly have done wrong? To everyone's surprise Jonas
has been selected to be the next Receiver of Memories - a position of huge
honour, but also one of great pain and isolation.
There is one custom that particularly intrigues Jonas and he requests to view
a 'Release'. A person is 'Released', sent from the community, when they do
not fit in or repeatedly break the rules. Where do they go? Jonas is
horrified when he learns the truth. This 'Modern Classic' includes a
post-script from the author - a fascinating insight into the power of this
novel internationally.

Recommended books to read Clip_image006

Saves The World (Aussie Chomps)

James Moloney
Thirteen year-old Charles 'Grommet' Gromley is caught by the security guards
of 'Scream World' switching signs on several of the rides. Fed up with the
increasing frequency of sabotage at the theme park, the owner, Mrs Walters,
is prepared to keep the police out of the situation as long as Grommet agrees
to become an undercover agent for her.
But being an undercover agent has its dangers and Grommet doesn't know who to
trust. Who is it that is tampering with the rides and threatening the safety
of the customers as well as Mrs Walter's business?
Aussie Chomps are a new series aimed at reluctant older readers.

Recommended books to read Clip_image007

Rowan of

Emily Rodda
Rowan is a timid weakling, a disappointing child who has been given the easy
task of herding the bukshah. When the stream that feeds the village of Rin
dries to a mere trickle and the lives of the bukshah are threatened the six
strongest villagers must brave the dangerous mountains in an attempt to solve
the problem. But first they must consult with Sheba, the Wise Woman, and it is
she who sees more to Rowan, who becomes the reluctant seventh member of the
A marvellous fantasy from an award winning author. Followed by Rowan and
the Travellers
, Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal, Rowan and
the Zebak
and the recently released fifth volume, Rowan of the Bukshah.

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Austin Hartantio
Austin Hartantio

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PostSubject: Re: Recommended books to read   Recommended books to read EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 7:33 pm

um, miss,
i dont want to intrude but
you need to upload those pictures to a website, and then, post it on the forums

try uploading them here
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Global Moderator
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PostSubject: Re: Recommended books to read   Recommended books to read EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 10:12 am

this thread is only for recommended. so i lock this threads for safety reason.
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PostSubject: Re: Recommended books to read   Recommended books to read Empty

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Recommended books to read
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